• Present And Continuous Counseling
    For many of our smaller clients, without their own legal department, we operate as in-house lawyers and are constantly involved in issues regarding, company law, contract negotiations and compliance.

    We assist the Board and management in handling questions about corporate governance, negotiations, preparation of company documentation. Furthermore, we offer assistance with specific legal questions and act as counsel before the courts and in arbitration. 

    "When counseling, we make comprehensive evaluations of business and legal risks."

  • Corporate M&A
    Extensive experience with assistance to buyers, sellers and investors in conjunction with acquisitions, emissions, mergers, demergers, and business transfers.

    We can assist you with legal and practical advice during business transfers. We can assist through the whole process: This includes strategi, structuring, negotiations, documentations, implementations of due diligence for both buyer and seller, all the way to the implementation phase after the transactions. Transaction form, obtaining relevant information, guarantees, consequences about fines and the relationship with employees are typical reviews that are essential when buying or selling businesses. 

    "A successful business transfer is subject to a close cooperation between lawyers, the firms management, current and new owners, banks and accountants."

  • Company Law
    We contribute with continuing assistance to create an ideal management of the business, in addition to be able to identify and prevent risks

    Our lawyers devote themselves to assist you on all parts of company law. We have thorough experience with preventing and solving shareholder disputes, assisting the general assembly, and generating contracts and protocols. We also have a broad experience with transactions. 

    Our services contain the following:

    • Company documentation during startups , changes in capital, restructuring. 
    • Choosing corporate form and models for transaction.
    • Shareholder agreements and Joint venture-agreements.
    • Conflicts between shareholders
    • Company agreements.
    • Advising within company administration and competence assessments. 
    • Intra - Group transactions
    • Multi-jurisdictional transactions
    • Agreements between companies and shareholder. 
    • Corporate governance and company management
    • Risk management
    • Board membership
  • Tax
    To have a good strategy for handling taxes and duties is essential in a successful business. We offer longterm assistanse in tax planning and securing that you are compliant.

    We offer consecutive tax consultancy related to the companies everyday operations, as well as for dispositions in connection with transactions, this including assistance when changing the ownership- and group structure, structuring companies in several countries and internal inquiries. Furthermore, this includes representation in complaints to the management and assistance in courtproceedings. We also assist in cases concerning  property value taxation. 

    Our extensive competence in tax-related questions is especially relevant when it comes to:

    • Establishing businesses
    • Structuring transactions.
    • Changing corporate form
    • Sale and acquisition
    • Mergers and demergers
    • Changes in capital
    • Establishing /transactions abroad. 
    • Transfer prising
    • Special company taxes, such as taxes in shipping companies and power companies. 
    • Secondment of employees.
    • Employee benefits and incentive arrangements. 
    • Tax audit and appeals. 
    • Court proceedings. 
  • Succession Planning and Inheritance
    Succession planning will at some point become relevant for most family owned firms. We have prominent experience with counseling both with preparation and implementation of such changes.

    Succession planning rises many questions, either they are personal, economical, legal or strategic. In our counseling we examine and evaluate inheritance and taxation, among other things. In addition, we evaluate the need for change in ownership structure, corporate structure, models for organization and financing. We also assist you with drafting contracts, includes any necessary property regulations. 

    "Prepare yourself at an early stage and construct a good plan for the implementation."

  • Employment
    Focusing on possibilities within the legal framework we perform practical, commercial and efficient assistanse in employment law to the corporate management.

    We contribute both as a longterm collaborating partner with continuing advice to prevent conflict and to solve the conflict when it has occurred. 

    We have prominent experience and competence from negotiations and legal processes with termination and changes in employment and we frequently assist firms in relation to processes with reorganisation and rationalization, this including relinquishment and business transfers. 

    We can assist you with the follwing:

    • Drafting and interpretations of employment agreements.
    • Establishing incentive scheemes, this including bonus programmes and share options.
    • Drafting and enforcement of competition clauses. 
    • Drafting and enforcement of IPR provisions.
    • Advising in connection with restructuring, such as reductions in workforce, in- and outsourcing, mergers and acquisitions.
    • Evaluations Connected With GDPR, including e-mail access. 
    • Harassement-, whistle blowing- and discrimination issues
    • Establishings, interpretations and discontinuance of tariff agreements.
    • Pension
    • Continuing condition, vacation, wages, bonus, working hours.
  • Contract Law
    We have thorough experience with contract negotiations, contract drafting , project conduct and final settlements. Our lawyers can assist you with drafting of both individual contracts and modifications of standardized contracts.

    In ADVISO we can assist you with the following:

    • Production Contracts
    • Sale- and purchase Contracts
    • License Agreements 
    • Service Agreements 
    • Distribution Agreements 
    • Delivery Contracts
    • Franchise Contracts 
    • Agency Agreements
    • Finance Agreements

    "When we are involved with the contract negotiations at an early stage, we can affect the premisses and thus contribute to securing excess value."

  • Real Estate
    We have broad experience with both legal and commercial issues in real estate. We assist real estate companies and other real estate holders with management and administration of real estate, also in relation to conflicts and negotiations.

    ADVISO can assist you with the following:

    • Purchase and sale of property
    • Purchase and sale of property companies
    • Purchase and sale of property portefolios
    • Ground lease
    • Transactional support.
    • Expropriation
    • Development projects.
    • Regulations, issues with public authorities
    • All questions connected with map - and division proceedings
    • Sectioning and structuring of joint ownership
    • Renal agreements
    • Optimalisations with VAT, taxes and document duty
    • Due diligence on behalf of either buyer or seller
    • Dispute resolutions related to property and legislative questions

    • Construction
      We have prominent experience with advising and litigation with construction. Our lawyers can assist you on all levels in the building process, as well as the process connected with agreement, drafting contracts, project conduct, the final settlement and general management.

      ADVISO can assist you with:

      • Advice on choice of contract models
      • Quality assurance and risk assessment of tenders, contract drafts etc.
      • Contract negotiations
      • Contractual supervision, risk assessment and follow-up on ongoing projects
      • Final settlement and dispute resolutions

      "A successful development project is characterized with thorough preparations from all parts, focusing on clarity and information between the participtaing parties. We can be your support when aiming to complete projects in the right time and without any unnecessary disagreements or conflicts".

    • Public Procurement
      We have prominent experience with advising and litigating within regulations for public procurement. Our lawyers can help on all levels including procurement processes, within all fields.

      We can assist with the following:

      • Strategic advice during the planning phase, including choosing a procurement strategy. 
      • Advice during the performance phase, this includes drafting competitive documents, assessment, selecting and prioritizing. 
      • Advice in connection with awardings, evaluations, grounds for choosing a bidder, disclosure requirements, complaints.
      • Conflicts before the courts and before KOFA

      "The regulations of public procurement are complicated. Therefore there are many pitfalls with great potential consequences for both buyer and supplier. Through our outstanding practice on this area, we have the competence to uncover and reduce the risks that might occur for both parties rapidly, so that the right decisions can be made."

    • Dispute Resolution
      Our competence and experience consists of a broad spectre of dispute resolutions within the general area of corporate and business law.

      The goal of our assistance is an amicable solution where this is possible. When the conflict is already there, we work to assure that the legal process is as smooth as possible, so that the clients management can focus on running the business.

      Our legal advise consists of assessments of the risks of process, the alternative case-outcomes, negotiations in addition to trial preparations and procedures. Knowledge of industry and direct knowledge to the day-to-day business of our costumers, give us an advantage both in the evaluations and to be able to create the right picture of the case for the panel of judges of the court.