This privacy statement explains how ADVISO gathers and uses personal data.

ADVISO, and managing partner, is responsible for the company's use of personal data.

Personal data is information and assessments relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.

Processing of personal data in connection with legal assignments
ADVISO uses personal data in connection with legal assignments and to the extent necessary to carry out the assignment. The information can consist of information about a client, the opposite party and others affiliated with the assignment. The assignment may also involve processing of sensitive personal data.

Processing information about a client is necessary for ADVISO in order to execute the assignment.

Processing personal data about others, for example opponent and witnesses, is based on an assessment, where what is necessary to execute the assignment is the predominant consideration. Lawyers are committed to a strict and regulated client confidentiality that reduces any disadvantage that the processing of this data can bring about. Sensitive personal data are only distributed when this is essential for the legal assignment.

We will not process personal data beyond the above without obtaining consent from the registered.


We process personal data about existing and potential clients and collaborators for marketing purposes, this includes for newsletters, seminar offers and evaluations in connection with possible client/partner relations.

The information is processed based on the fact that, for existing clients, there are contractual relationships, or that consent has been given in another way, for example through subscribing to newsletters, or that we through another assessment of interests, gather contact details about individuals that have a role in a business that ADVISO wants to obtain contact with.

By subscribing to the newsletter your e-mail address is saved in a database, it is not shared with others and is deleted when you quit your subscription.

 If you no longer wish to receive such marketing, you can also inform us about this (view contact information down below).

About The Use of Cookies On This Webpage

In order to gain information about our webpages we use cookies. You can read more about cookies and the cookies we use here. We process personal data based on an assessment of interests. We have concluded that it is necessary for us to do so, in order to adapt our website to our clients. We attend to and protect your privacy by only using this information for statistics. In this statistics it is not possible to identify you as an individual. Furthermore, we delete the personal data on a daily basis.


We store your personal data as long as required for the purpose the personal data was originally gathered.

Personal data connected to client relations are deleted after 10 years of inactive relation, unless consent to continue storage is given. Individual case files are deleted 10 years after the case is closed.

Transfer of Personal Data to Others.

We will not transfer your personal data to others unless the distribution has legal basis. Examples of such legal basis are agreement with you or law that require us to reveal the information.

ADVISO uses data processors to gather, save or in other ways process the personal data on our behalf. These processors have contracted on maintaining the information secure and your privacy in all steps of the processing.


You have a right to demand access, correction or deletion of the personal data connected to you. Furthermore, you have the right to demand a restricted processing, object to the processing and to data portability.

In order to claim your rights you must contact We will answer to your requests as soon as possible, and at the latest within 30 days.


If you should be under the impression that our processing of personal data differs from what we have described above or that we in other ways are in violation of the Norwegian Privacy Act/GDPR you can forward a complaint to Datatilsynet.

You will find information on how to contact Datatilsynet on their webpage:


In case we make changes in our services or if any amendments occur in the Norwegian Privacy Act/GDPR, it may lead to changes in the information you are given herein. If we have your contact information we will notify you of such changes. If not, updated information will always be available on our webpage.

Contact information:


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Postal address: Post box 5098, 6021 Ålesund