About The Use of Cookies On This Page

General Information

This webpage uses cookies to provide us with statistics on how the webpage is used. Typical information involves timespans, which pages that are most read, and what sources that refer to adviso.no

Cookies on this page are linked to Google Analytics. The purpose of gathering this data is a continuing progression of the webpage.

Cookies on www.adviso.no

Google Analytics is a very common tool for analytics about a user’s behaviour on a webpage. The tool is a free service from Google that makes it possible to gain information about the number of visits, pageviews, traffic sources, timespans, geografic location and much more. In order to save information about the visitors, Google Analytics uses a javascript, that again saves 5 different cookies. These cookies are used to save the pattern of operations on a webpage and every single movement.

These cookies are:

 _ga: Saved for 2 years from last visit.

_gid: Saved for 24 hours from last visit.

_gat: Saved for 1 minute from last visit.

The Information That Is Used

On www.adviso.no, the information that is received from cookies is used as explained above.

The Object of The Analysis

The object is not to identify you as a user, but rather to create a better user experience for all costumers.

Who Uses and Analyses The Information Received

Cookies alone, have no value, because they only save an incidental number for identification. It is when you combine this information with a database, that the information can be used. The owners of adviso.no, confirm that this information is used under strict regulations and is only used when this is highly necessary. This could for example be in conjunction with buying services.

General Information About Cookies.

Cookies are small files that are saved by your browser on your computer. Should you open another browser on your computer, the same cookies will not be transferred to this browser. Cookies usually consist of four parameters:

● Name on cookie

● The unique ID of the cookie

● How long the designated cookie should be saved on your machine.

● A domain that the cookie is applicable to.

Because of the last clause, it is very hard to misuse Cookies. One Cookie alone has very little value before it becomes part of a database. Therefore it will have little or no value if someone should try to move it over to another domain, without access to the relevant database.

You Can Turn Off Cookies.

It is possible to turn off Cookies on your browser. However, you should be aware that many webpages might not function fully if you turn Cookies off. You will for example not be able to shop online, log in to social media such as Facebook, twitter, Google+ and so on.